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What is it about?

In the autumn of 2022, works will start on the Avenue de l'Héliport (Helihavenlaan) near the Klavertje Vier primary school. These works transform the avenue into a beautiful forecourt. The street will be car-free, there will be extra trees, there will be playgrounds for bicycles and scooters, wide footpaths and a lot more.

Public inquiry from 2 February to 3 March 2022:

Parvis Klavertje 4

What purpose?

In 2017, the City of Brussels organized a participatory preliminary study in collaboration with architects and various partners from the neighborhood. Pupils from the school, neighborhood organizations and local residents were involved in this. This preliminary investigation showed that the neighborhood needs a traffic-safe street, more greenery and more high-quality public space as a meeting place.

We are meeting this with the following adjustments to the Avenue de l'Héliport.

Parvis Klavertje 4

We create a safe forecourt that connects the school with the residential towers. We do this by:

  • widening the footpath on both sides of the road and narrowing the road from 7.80 m to 6 m
  • placing the footpath at the same height as the road, creating the feeling of a square
  • the construction of 3 wide crossings
  • cancelling the 36 parking spaces at the school
  • keeping the 2 parking spaces for people with disabilities
  • using sustainable and colorful materials that give the square a pleasant atmosphere

The City of Brussels wants to plant as many trees as possible. Trees provide oxygen in our city and protect us from great heat in the summer. That is why we keep 20 of the 24 trees that are already there. We cut 4 trees because they are sick, are too close to the towers or because they block access. We are also planting 16 new trees. There will be a total of 10 different tree species to boost biodiversity.

We will increase the green and permeable area in the perimeter by 45.47%.

The dark corners in the perimeter are concealed. By creating more visibility in the street, we provide a greater sense of security.

We also create new places for children to play and where parents can meet. There will be various playful hills and bumps for cycling and scooters.

There will be 33 new bicycle racks so that residents can safely park their bicycles. We are also installing a bicycle repair kiosk where local residents can repair their bicycles and inflate tires. There will be a bicycle gutter on the slope to go to the square around the 'dalle' towers.

The City of Brussels is also investing in new furniture in the district. For example, the stairs between the 'dalle' and avenue will be replaced by landscape stairs. The parents and other residents of the neighborhood will be able to meet each other on the 2 long benches of 6 and 10 meters in front of the school building.


The road will consist of sawn cobblestones. For this we recover the current cobblestones. These flat, cut cobblestones are more pleasant for cycling and ensure less noise nuisance from cars.

The footpaths in the forecourt are constructed with red bricks in a zigzag pattern. The bricks will add color to the square and form a beautiful image from the residential towers.

What does this mean for the residents?

At previous consultation moments, we noted that more road safety and pleasant meeting space are important needs in the neighbourhood. In order to be able to realize this, to be able to widen the footpath and plant additional trees, we will have to delete 36 parking spaces.

The Avenue de l'Héliport remains a two-way street. All existing accesses are preserved, namely:

  • The passage in the street for cars
  • Access to the school and nursery for supplies and emergency services
  • Access to the garage doors from the base
  • Access to the residential towers
  • Stands for fire brigade, emergency services and removal services

Timing, works and procedure

The permit application for the reconstruction was submitted to the Region in June 2021. In the context of the procedure, a public inquiry and a Consultation Committee will be organized.

For 2 weeks there will be red posters in the perimeter to announce the public inquiry. Everyone then has the opportunity to consult the External site building file online or at the Town Planning department of the City and to respond to the plans. If you wish, you can also ask to be invited to the Consultation Committee.

The plans are presented at the Consultation Committee and those present can ask questions or raise an objection. The Consultation Committee then issues a recommendation to which the project must be adapted. Once the permit has been issued, the works can start.

As with any reconstruction project, utility companies are first given the opportunity to renew their facilities. In this case, it involves street lighting and a minor intervention by Proximus. They start these interventions simultaneously with the works of the City.

The City's works for the redevelopment of the forecourt will start in the autumn of 2022 and will take a total of 10 months. The works are carried out in phases in order to cause as little disruption as possible for the residents. Different parts of the project are therefore realized in different phases.

Parvis Klavertje 4