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Lecture. Pink October

This event has already passed

On Thursday 29 September 2022, from 5:30 pm to 8 pm, at the City Hall of Brussels (Gothic Hall).

The City of Brussels is committed to supporting women affected by breast cancer. This means helping to think about care beyond the purely medical aspect. That commitment begins this month during 'Breast Cancer Awareness Month', also known as 'Pink October', the international breast cancer month dedicated to fighting and raising awareness around this disease.

Lecture 'Breast cancer - a positive reconstruction!'

As part of the Pink October campaign, the lecture 'Breast cancer - a positive reconstruction!' will be held. The speakers are Karin Toussaint, a lawyer at UCM, Fatima Zibouh and/or Manuela Varrasso (managers of Actiris Inclusive), Elisabeth Degryse (vice-president of the CM health insurance fund), Isabelle Veys (head of department of breast surgery at the Jules Bordet Institute) and two patients, including Juliette Berguet.


The lecture is free, but reservations are required (maximum 200 people). More info: