Lending service: rental of equipment and tools

Equipment for cleaning, DIY, traveling or do-it-yourself tools,...: that is the rental service at very affordable prices that the City of Brussels offers its residents.

The City of Brussels offers its residents this 'Prêterie' for various objects at a lower price. The service thus avoids the purchase of a product that is only used once or twice a year.

This sharing economy creates new perspectives for consumers and ultimately not only reduces waste, but above all saves money.

To carry out this project, the City of Brussels is collaborating with the Brussels cooperative External site Usitoo. This cooperative offers the possibility to rent products online in a fast and environmentally friendly way.

Discount codes

The City of Brussels offers discount codes when renting objects for its residents, non-profit associations and residents of the CPAS/OCMW (public welfare centre) (postal codes: 1000, 1020, 1120 and 1130). The codes to be applied for each category are:

  • Residents of the City -25%: BXLZD
  • CPAS residents -50%: BXLCPAS
  • Associations -50%: BXLEnsemble

How to rent?

To use the Prêterie service, visit External site Usitoo with your discount code and then:

  1. Browse the catalogue and search for the desired object(s).
  2. For each desired object, select the dates and the Usi-relay point of your choice, and click on 'Book'.
  3. When all the desired items are in the cart, order the cart by following the suggested steps (you will need to create a free account if you do not have one yet). In the last step, do not forget to encode your discount code above to benefit from a better price.

Delivery of items?

The ordered items are delivered in a Usi-relay point (pick-up point) located in the City. More info:


Created on 03/03/2022 (modified on 26/04/2022)


Lending service: rental of equipment and tools