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Loss or theft of ID card or passport

Every loss or theft of an ID card or a passport must be declared to the police. When the loss or the theft is noticed, every person can block the documents via the service Docstop. This step prevents fraudulent use of the identity card or passport.

Docstop is a federal service. Every holder of Belgian identity papers (ID card, passport) who notices a loss or a theft must first phone to:

  • 00800 2123 2123
  • or: 02 518 21 23

Fight against fraud

Docstop thus helps to fight against the fraudulent use of identity documents. After the call, the concerned identity card will be blocked. The abnormality will then be listed on the site This website used by banks and other organizations or administrations to verify if an identity document is known as stolen, lost, out-of-date or not valid.

Declaration to the police

In case of loss or of theft of identity cards, calling Docstop is thus the first thing to do. After this step, it will be necessary to indicate the loss or the theft at the police. After the recording of the declaration, a temporary identity certificate will be delivered. The municipal administration will then make several new documents.