Coronavirus measures

The City of Brussels has taken several decisions in order to best respect the measures of the federal government in the fight against the coronavirus (Covid-19). More info: coronavirus measures by the City of Brussels.


Max-sur-Senne project: advisory committee open to residents

Bruxelles Environnement, Bruxelles Mobilité and the City of Brussels have organized a design competition for the renovation of the Maximilian Park. The advisory committee that will propose a laureate for this contest will take place on 23 September 2020. A delegation of residents and associations is invited to attend this jury.

Max-sur-Senne project

The goal of this large-scale project: to improve the quality of the open space into a unique place where it is nice for everyone to rest, relax and pass by and also a place that can cope with climate change. The program for this 'Max-sur-Senne' project includes the renovation of the entire park, the opening of the Senne over approximately 700 m, a new future for the Maximilian Farm and the optimization of mobility on the main roads.

Five teams have been selected from fifteen applications and are currently working on a design proposal and a participation program that will guide the operation. The advisory committee that will propose a laureate for this competition to the government will take place on 23 September 2020.

Advisory committee

Participants will have the opportunity to attend a full day of team presentations, question and answer sessions and deliberations. In addition to the associations working in the neighborhood or around the themes covered in the project, 12 citizens can also participate in this day.

  • Place: BEL, Bruxelles Environnement, Tour & Taxis
  • Hours: 8h30-17h45 (doors close at 8h50, deliberations 15h40-17h40)

How to register?

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Created on 15/09/2020 (modified on 15/09/2020)