Meeting of the Consultation Committee on 13 July 2022

This event has already passed

On Wednesday 13 July 2022, at 9 am, digitally via the Zoom platform.

The Consultation Committee gives advice on municipal town planning. The meeting of the Committee contains a public meeting where everyone can express himself: applicants, inhabitants, associations, members of the Committee. This can only be done after a written demand.

The following rules also apply during the hearings:

  • Only persons who have explicitly requested to be heard during the public inquiry will be admitted to the consultation committee
  • In the case of a petition, neighborhood committee or other association, the number of persons admitted to the consultation committee is limited to 2 per petition, per neighborhood committee or per association
  • Only the persons in possession of an invitation are admitted to the consultation committee
  • The number of persons accompanying or representing the applicant is strictly limited to 2, including the architect