'Mister UNESCO' works for the City of Brussels and is responsible of accompanying the new regulation and raising awareness. This person coordinates all the initiatives and is the reference person for the contacts with the administration and the competent aldermans (Trade, Town planning and Tourism).


The function of 'Mister Unesco':

  • assure the accompaniment of the coming into force of the regulation: raising awareness, contact with the owners, shopkeepers, visitors, general information and forwarding towards the competent services
  • contribute to the re-energization of this zone, by participating in the strategies of the City: follow-up committee, actions led by Atrium,...
  • lead the strategic works: town planning, commercial, patrimonial, tourist works,...
  • participate in the Management committee, asked to manage the events on the Grand-Place

This work is made possible thanks to the support of the City Development Delegation (Town Planning Department).

Map of the UNESCO zone

Planning regulation

Contact and additional information