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Project call 'promotion modal shift' of the Drootbeek School Contract

Calls for socio-economic projects aim to develop the socio-economic part of the Drootbeek School Contract programme. Projects will be selected to receive financial support throughout the operational phase (2022-2025). A first call 'promotion modal shift' focuses on making active mobility attractive for all ages.

The focus is on awareness activities, carried out by associations in the field. Workshops, activities and school trips can be organised.

Infrastructure options and facilities to promote cycling will be explored. For example: a fleet of bicycles available to the schools and the neighbourhood, a shared covered bicycle shed, a room in the school set up as a bicycle repair workshop, a shared cargo bike and/or tandem,...

The project will run until 31 December 2025 to build a solid project. It is supported by local actors and leads to awareness and real changes in active mobility.


The project call will run from 23 November to 14 December 2022 (applications must be submitted by noon).


The total budget that can be allocated for this call is 100,000 euros.

For whom?

The call is addressed to not-for-profit associations, social purpose associations and public benefit foundations, public law institutions, authorities of educational institutions and municipalities, in accordance with Article 9 of the Ordinance on the School Contract of 16 May 2019.

Regulations and annexes

The regulation and annexes are only available in Dutch and French.

Flyer - Project call 'promotion modal shift' of the Drootbeek School Contract

Created on 23/11/2022 (modified on 23/11/2022)