Municipal elections of 13 October 2024

The municipal elections will be held on Sunday 13 October 2024.

Non-Belgian citizens registered in the population register of a Belgian municipality can register on the electoral roll for the municipal elections of 13 October 2024:

Registration of voters for the municipal elections

The City of Brussels will organise electronic voting demonstration sessions in September-October 2024.

The dates and locations will be announced soon.

These demonstrations are intended for all citizens of Brussels who wish to become familiar with the electronic voting system. Registration is not necessary.

More info?

External site Electronic voting in practice (in French and Dutch)

You will receive this letter in your letterbox at least 15 days before the election.

More info?

External site Election notice letter (in French and Dutch)

Do you want to be elected in the municipal elections? Or do you want to remain a local councillor if you are elected?

External site Conditions for standing as a candidate (in French and Dutch)

Here you will find an overview of all frequently asked questions (FAQ) and the answers to them:

External site FAQ

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