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Museum prescriptions

Museum prescriptions
© Paola de Narvaez

The museum prescriptions project complements the initiatives carried out by the City of Brussels to combine art, wellbeing and health. Access to culture also means bringing culture and artists into hospitals and embracing art for its therapeutic benefits.

Culture and health pilot project 

The project was initially created in Canada. For 3 years, the Culture Department of the City of Brussels and the Psychiatry Service of the CHU Brugmann have worked together to come up with a high-quality project tailored to the needs of patients.

For this pilot project, 5 museums in the City of Brussels took part, along with 33 prescribing doctors.

Extension of the museum prescriptions

In 2024, the project entered a new phase: more than 18 medical facilities (hospitals, mental health centres, medical centres, family planning centres,...) and 13 museums in the City of Brussels will actively join between June 2024 and June 2025.

In this way, the project reaches a broad range of patient profiles and gives them the opportunity to visit a wide variety of museums, either individually or in groups.

Museum prescriptions and privacy

Five questions about the museum prescription and my privacy (128.93 KB)