Rental of no parking signs

Are you moving and bringing in a lift, carrying out works or waiting for a delivery? You can rent no-parking signs from the City of Brussels. Rental includes placing and removing the signs.

Before renting any signs, you must first request authorisation from the Brussels Region to reserve the location on the public road:

External site Osiris

No parking signs may only be rented and placed at addresses located on the territory of the City of Brussels.

It is not possible to obtain a permit for a parking space in a pedestrian zone. In this case, you must request a pass.

To reserve a space on the public road, you need to take 2 steps:

1. Apply to the Brussels Region for authorisation to temporarily occupy the public road:

Via the External site Osiris regional application (you must create an account by logging in using your electronic identity card (eID) + PIN code or the itsme application)

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2. Rental no-parking signs from our municipal services:

  • By e-mail:
    By attaching a copy of the required documents
  • At the reception desk of the Brucity Administrative Centre to obtain the form and hand it in

Rental of no parking signs:

  • 1 day: 114.03 euros
  • Additional day: 14.87 euros

Please note that there is a charge for booking a space on the public road. For more information, contact the Osiris regional office.

The request must be submitted no later than 10 working days before the date on which the panels are to be installed.

Rental of no parking signs