Rental of no parking signs

The City of Brussels offers a no parking signs rental service for moves, deliveries and works.

In the Brussels Region, any occupation of public roads for the purposes of moves or works is subject to an authorisation procedure to be requested on the regional External site Osiris application.

If you are moving into the pedestrian zone or need to use it for your move, you must request a pass. As parking is prohibited in the pedestrian zone, you should not ask for signs to be put up.

It is strictly forbidden to block a space by means of chairs, palettes or other objects. That is an offence against the Road Code and the General police regulations.


The signs are placed on the territory of the City of Brussels.

How to apply?

Two actions are necessary:

1. Request for rental of signs:

  • By e-mail: by returning the form (PDF, 674.45 KB) duly completed and signed
  • At the reception of the Administrative Centre of the City of Brussels to obtain the application form and submit it there
  • More info? By calling 02 279 60 10

2. Application for a public road occupation permit:

Required document

  • Reservation form
  • ID card


Rental of signs for 1 day: 114,03 euros

Per additional day: 14,87 euros

Waiting period

10 working days in advance

Rental of no parking signs