Opening of the Athénée Buls-Catteau

The new Athénée Buls-Catteau will open its doors in September 2022 in the Marolles (Boulevard du Midi 86 - 1000 Brussels). In this secondary school that applies the method of 'experiential learning' or 'learning by doing', the student plays an active role.

The Athénée Buls-Catteau will offer an education based on active, creative and collaborative methods:

  • Learning Dutch takes place through communication and cultural activities.
  • Physical education will be mixed for the students, who will eventually number about 650.
  • The school will actively use new technologies to facilitate learning.
  • Regular participation in projects will emphasise civic and participatory coconstruction.


The video shows the Athénée Buls-Catteau (the video includes the text above in French and background music) :

Created on 30/06/2022 (modified on 30/06/2022)