Organising an event in Brussels

Organizers of events or activities can use the public places in the City. The municipality must give a permit for the temporary occupation of a public space.

The request must be made at least 6 weeks before the event via:

Event permit application form (DOCX, 173.69 KB) (in French)

Remark: the organisation of a demonstration is not part of events, it requires a special demand at the police.

The form can be used for the application for different types of events and activities in public places:

  • concert
  • show (theatre, circus arts)
  • parade
  • party (neighborhood party,...)
  • sports activities
  • exhibition and art
  • flea market (brocante), rummage sales, market, fair
  • sale in public space
  • sensitization action (stand, distribution or leaflets or flyers, collection, ...)
  • promotion action
  • TV or film recordings
  • letting go of balloons
  • fireworks (pyrotechnic effects)
  • ...

Depending on availability and under certain conditions, the City of Brussels may provide the organiser with podiums, tents, chairs, nadar barriers,...

The organiser must follow the following procedures:

  • Ban on disposable plastic products at events
  • Management of copyright and related rights
  • Advice and supervision from the fire brigade (DBDMH-SIAMU) and from an aggregate organisation for the installation and implantation plan
  • Surveillance (aggregated by the Minister of the Interior)
  • Transport and mobility: reservation of parking places at the police, diversion of public transport (STIB and/or De Lijn), mobility plan during an event of 3000 or more people
  • Road interventions: pressure on the road surface, access and information to residents, traders,...
  • Electricity: opening of an electric temporary counter, shutting down public lighting and/or activating festive lighting on the Grand-Place
  • Water supply (Vivaqua)
  • Cleaning: maintenance plan for cleaning the site or cleaning by the cleaning services of the City of Brussels (specifications)
  • Publicity activities and facilities (taxes)
  • Display (on specific panels - City of Brussels display network, distribution of printed material in the public domain)
  • Certain activities require the advice of the fire brigade (DBDMH-SIAMU). This request must be attached to the form for the occupation of public spaces.
  • Sanitary facilities: installation at the expense of the organiser of the required facilities or with the agreement of the managers of the cafes and/or restaurants)

If you wish to organize your event in a regional park on the territory of the City, it is necessary to obtain the agreement of Bruxelles Environnement which manages these parks:

External site Organise an event in a green space (in French, Bruxelles Environnement)

When broadcasting amplified sound, take note of the Amplified Sound Decree:

External site Electronically amplified sound (in French)

Practical guide to organizing outdoor events that are accessible to persons with reduced mobility:

External site Handy Events Guide


Organizing an event in Brussels