Participation - Good Move Pentagon

The Pentagon is one of the 8 Good Move 'meshes' on the territory of the City of Brussels. Such a 'mesh' is a large neighborhood in which through traffic is reduced and where everyone can move safely and smoothly: by car, public transport, bicycle or on foot. In order to arrive at such a traffic 'mesh', the City of Brussels listens to residents, traders and visitors in the diagnosis and evaluation of the circulation plan.

More information about the participation process:

External site Faire Bruxelles - Good Move (in French and Dutch)

Neighbourhood meetings

List of info meetings:

  • 5 online neighbourhood meetings in March 2022
  • 10 Babbeleir moments in April, May and June 2022
  • Large information meeting on 15 June at the Palais du Midi
  • 7 micro district meetings in May 2022

The City of Brussels organised several neighbourhood meetings in March to inform citizens about the new circulation plan. You can find all the presentations of these meetings here:

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