Pests and disinfection

The Disinfection Unit can intervene in private homes in the event of pests.

Pests, insects or dry rot in private homes

The Disinfection Unit intervenes in private homes in the event of an invasion by rats, pigeons or cats.

The interventions in the buildings of the Property Management Agency and social housing can only be done through the Property Management Agency and/or social housing companies.

The Disinfection Unit may carry out inspections at the request of the tenants or owners in case of dry rot and wood fungus, in order to make a report. However, the treatment is not done by the Unit.

Note: the destruction of wasp and bee nests can only be done by the Brussels fire brigade.

Interventions on the public road

The Disinfection Unit makes interventions on the public road to remove wandering animals, the sterilisation of wandering cats and the removal of dead animals.