Pimp My Street 2 - Rue des Eperonniers

The City of Brussels works together with the owners of the Rue des Eperonniers (Spoormakersstraat) to offer young entrepreneurs the opportunity to test their concept by opening a shop. This 2nd edition of Pimp My Street is part of a larger project to revitalize this street in the UNESCO zone.

In recent weeks, several creative, original and high-quality stores have opened their doors: a luxury paper store, a store with second-hand clothing and accessories and a space managed by a collective of creative people. One of the already existing shops has been able to expand and embellish its shop window.

For six months, the majority of traders have been able to benefit from an advantageous rate (up to 50%) for renting a property. To make the shopping experience more enjoyable, every shop entrance in the street was decorated with bamboo. Wrought iron plates in 19th century style were also hung on the facades.

Created on 09/07/2018 (modified on 28/09/2018)


Pimp My Street 2 - Rue des Eperonniers