Placing a climber on the facade

The City of Brussels helps its inhabitants with the placement of a climbing plant on the facade. This free service is reserved for residents of the City of Brussels (postal codes 1000, 1020, 1120, 1130).

A climbing plant that covers the facade of a building offers many advantages. It contributes to:

  • the protection against moisture of the facade
  • better thermal and sound insulation of the building
  • microclimate improvement: cooling and humidifying the air around the building
  • the air purification: collecting dust and pollutants through the leaves
  • the enrichment of biodiversity: food source and shelter for insects and birds
  • strengthening the 'Green Network'
  • beautifying the area

Help with the placement?

If you want to make the street facade of your house green, the Green Spaces Service can help you with:

  • the preparation of the plant pit at the the facade (removal of the pavement or paving stones)
  • the delivery and placement of the plant, to be selected from about twenty species that are useful for biodiversity (see list), depending on the available stock
  • the placement, if necessary, of a protection around the plant

How to apply?

Send the form to

The form and list of plants are only available in Dutch and French.

Placing a climber on the facade