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Pocket Parks

What is it about?

The Bockstael sustainable district contract in Laeken includes the construction of 4 pocket parks. These are small pieces of green space that are made on vacant land. The parks all have their own themes linked to sustainable development (eg petanque field, hiking trail, bicycle point, café, cultural kiosk,...). The pocket parks are located at the rue Leopold 1er, Bd. Emile Bockstael, Halte royale and Champ de l'Église and have a combined area of 7,000m². The total budget of this project is 1 million euros. At the request of a group of residents, a fifth pocket park is also being built at the Rue Laneau. It will include a collective vegetable garden, where residents will organize gardening training. Finally, there is a sixth green space: a play forest will be built in the extension of the park L28 towards the Place Bockstael. In this park, toys from natural, existing materials will be created.

What purpose?

Due to the construction of the pocket parks, pieces of unused land are made accessible to residents. The parks connect different neighborhoods in the Bockstael quarter and give everyone a pleasant public space for relaxation and play. The parks also stimulate meeting and exchange between neighbors. The pocket park at the Rue Laneau is a good example. It started from a citizen's initiative of the district residents and the same residents are also responsible for the design of the park. A participatory project will be created for the park at the Champ de l'Église.

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