Reconstruction of the Rue Neuve

What is it about?

The City of Brussels is planning a thorough and sustainable renovation of the Rue Neuve - Nieuwstraat and its side streets. This renovation is much needed, considering the terrible state of the busiest pedestrian and commercial area of the country.

Next video shows the future Rue Neuve (the video contains no dialogue or text, only a background music):

What purpose?

The renovation includes the whole quarter. How? Not only by redeveloping the main street but also all the side streets. With the expansion, the crowded Rue Neuve will be relieved. In addition, new trade and catering businesses will be established. This new project will make shopping even smoother and more pleasant and the commercial offer even more competitive. In addition, with this project for an attractive city, the City wants to regain the hearts of the regular customers who would have otherwise avoided this part of the city centre.

The reconstruction works will take about 2 years, from mid-2017. The first phase of the works will take about 1 year and consists of several necessary technical interventions. In addition to these underground works on sewers and connections, the district is also equipped with new, contemporary and quality facade lighting. Subsequently, the second phase will start for the above-mentioned reconstruction of the streets, which will also take about one year.

Information about the works

Reconstruction of the Rue Neuve