Redevelopment of the Place de Ninove

A new square will be constructed at the Porte de Ninove. The renewed Place de Ninove should offer space and tranquility to the local residents. There will be a residential area where the permitted speed is limited to 20 km/h.

The redevelopment works at the Porte de Ninove (Ninoofsepoort) are not finished yet. In 2018, major works were carried out that improve public space and rearrange traffic. At the moment, the works are continuing to build a new square that will restore the local character of the neighborhood.


Water will also get a place on the square again. The Magritte Fountain, which is no longer central due to the new square design, is being moved to the middle of the square.

Bicycles and trees

The two regional cycle paths that cross the square will have a bicycle-friendly road cover and bicycle racks will be installed. To give the square a green character, the large trees that are already there are preserved (linden, oak, field maples) and new ones will be added.

Created on 05/03/2019 (modified on 17/01/2020)
Redevelopment of the Place de Ninove