Redevelopment of urban blocks in the Marolles

The City of Brussels launched the project to revalue 7 inner areas and public spaces in the Marolles. A budget of 2,200,000 euros will go to creating a network of high-quality, green, permeable and user-friendly living spaces in the quarter.

Within the framework of the Marolles Sustainable District Contract, seven spaces will be given a facelift within this project:

  • Plaine des Escargots
  • small park of the Rue de la Porte Rouge
  • urban blocks of the Rue Montserrat and Rue de la Prévoyance
  • surroundings of the Marolle school
  • surroundings of the social housing at the Rue des Fleuristes and Rue Lacaille

Map with urban blocks at the Marolles

Marolles urban blocks map

Participatory process

Before the works begin (2023-2024), the participatory phase of the project will start (until the summer of 2022). The residents can then share their ideas, wishes, but also positive or negative comments. This participatory phase includes theme workshops, exploratory walks and meetings in the public space. The aim? To develop the identity of each place, taking into account its current use, its potential and the needs expressed by the residents.

Created on 14/08/2020 (modified on 30/03/2022)