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Registrations school year 2023-2024

The procedure of registration for schools in the City of Brussels is different according to the language of the school: Dutch-language or French-language.

The City of Brussels has French-language schools and Dutch-language schools. The procedure of inscription for both differ.

French-language schools

For the French-language schools, the registrations take place in 3 phases:

  • Phase 1: from 28 November to 23 December 2022, registration of priority pupils by telephone
  • Phase 2: from 9 to 31 January 2023, registration of non-priority pupils are recorded in order of arrival by telephone or via the IRISbox electronic counter
  • Phase 3: from 1 February 2023, late registration requests should be sent to the schools

More info: Registrations school year 2023-2024 (in French)

Dutch-language schools

Registrations in Dutch-language schools are the same for the whole Brussels Capital Region.

Dutch-language nursery and primary schools

  • 9 to 20 January 2023: parents must enrol siblings of enrolled pupils directly in the school. Children of school staff are also enrolled at the school.
  • 28 February to 21 March 2023: parents have to register their child at External site Inschrijven in Brussel

Dutch-language secondary schools

More info on registrations in Dutch-language secondary schools: External site Inschrijven in Brussel

Created on 16/11/2022 (modified on 30/11/2022)