Coronavirus measures

The City of Brussels has taken several decisions in order to best respect the measures of the federal government in the fight against the coronavirus (Covid-19). More info: coronavirus measures by the City of Brussels.


Reopening of the Mont-de-Piété

The Mont-de-Piété opens again on Tuesday 5 May 2020, after 6 weeks of closure. The service offers citizens the opportunity to obtain a loan in exchange for the deposit of a valuable object. You give it in pledge and take it back after payment of the loan amount.

For 400 years, the Mont-de-Piété of the City of Brussels has offered this service to more than 20,000 families per year. It allows you to dispose of money fairly quickly insofar as the property covers the minimum loan of 30 euros. After 6 weeks of closure, the Mont-d-Piété reopens its doors. More info:

Created on 05/05/2020 (modified on 05/05/2020)