Resident card

With a resident card you can park your car in the sector of your home, without putting your blue card or using the parking meters.

Two resident cards can be given per family. You must be the owner or permanent user of the vehicle.

  • Online via the e-Desk
  • Email:
  • At the counter of the Administrative Centre of the City or liaison offices of Laeken, Neder-Over-Heembeek, Louise and North-East

  • ID document (+ mandate and a copy of the identity document of the person concerned if the application is made by a third party)
  • Certificate of registration of the vehicle
  • If you are not the owner, proof that you are a permanent user
  • A certificate of the Protocol Service of the Foreign Affairs Service if you are exempt from registration in the population register

A vehicle registered abroad?

Each person living in Belgium and possessing a vehicle registered abroad has to register the vehicle in Belgium. This person may obtain an inhabitant card for 200 euros for up to 3 months, starting from his application for registration in the Population Register.

Only the categories of following persons can, subject to supplying all the documentary evidence, benefit from a parking card of 1 year:

  • category 1: the vehicle which a foreign professional person rents to a person for a maximal duration of 6 months, not renewable
  • category 2: every physical person who uses the vehicle for the exercise of his profession for a foreign owner to whom this person is bound by a contract of employment
  • category 3: the vehicle driven by an official who lives in Belgium and who works for an international institution in another member state of the European Union
  • category 4: the vehicle of which the owner is considered as a person temporarily absent (the fact of leaving the Belgian territory for a duration from 3 months to 1 year and for whom a declaration to the competent service of the municipality was introduced beforehand) and who has his parking in Belgium during no more than six months continuously

  • 10 euros for the 1st card
  • 100 euros for the 2nd card
  • Payment preferably by Bancontact
  • To get a third card: Inhabitant card

  • 5 days for a request by e-mail
  • Immediately at the counter

The holder of a parking card is only authorized to park within the limits of the sector which is assigned to him:

List of streets per sector:

Map of the sectors:

What are the rules by parking zone?

  • green zone: metered parking (via parking meters), except for holders of a parking card
  • blue zone: free (non-metered) parking with a maximum of 2 hours and blue disc required, except for holders of a parking card
  • orange zone: commercial street with metered parking and a maximum of 2 hours (same rate as green zone)
  • yellow zone: only parking for residents (holders of a parking card)
  • red zone: paying zone for everyone (only exception: people with a parking card for disabled)

There are also other municipal parking cards: