Rosette Operation against burglaries

From 14 to 18 May 2018, Bravvo (the prevention service of the City) measures the security of the buildings in Brussels. This campaign called the 'Rosace Operation' (Rosette Operation) is a specific action against burglaries. It will be repeated regularly in the quarters of Brussels.

The action is the work of the community guards and the technical prevention advisor of Bravvo. They will cross the streets of the City and measure the security of the buildings: a free diagnosis will be delivered in the mailbox of every house or apartment. The document explains if the front door and the lock are sufficiently protected. The document also provides some preventive tips and information on the public services that are available.

After appointment

The technical advisor is also available by appointment for residents and traders of the City who want advice about the security of their buildings. For example, the consultant can visit the home renovation to help with security and also gives advice on the security tax deductions for individuals and self-employed.

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Created on 03/05/2018 (modified on 21/12/2018)