Rue Charles Demeer redevelopment

What is it about?

Partial reconstruction of the Rue Charles Demeer (Charles Demeerstraat) between the Demeer Bridge and the Pannenhuis roundabout. This reconstruction follows the renovation of the Demeer Bridge and the Clesse Bridge by Beliris and the extension of bus line 46 by the STIB.

Rue Charles Demeer redevelopment

What purpose?

The public space around the Pannenhuis metro station is in urgent need of renovation. The footpaths are not wide enough, the crossroads at the roundabout are dangerous and the road surface is in poor condition.

The metro station is not only a destination for residents but has also recently become an important gateway to the Tour & Taxis park and a new train station. Both Beliris and the City of Brussels have projects ready that will significantly improve the quality of the public space.

Renovation of the Demeer Bridge and Clesse Bridge

The Clesse and Demeer Bridges both span the Thurn & Taxis Park. They date back to 1903 and were built to bridge the railway tracks leading to the Gare Maritime.

The Clesse Bridge is being renovated to improve the comfort and safety of all bridge users (pedestrians, cyclists and motorised traffic). The concrete Jersey blocks will be removed and make way for a separated cycle track. A boardwalk and a 25 cm height difference will separate cars from other users. The current parapet will be replaced by a transparent cast-iron one.

The renovation of the steel Demeer Bridge is similar. Here too, the existing opaque and solid parapet will be replaced by a transparent cast-iron one, which will provide a view of the park under the bridge (see photo). The Demeer Bridge will also have a separate cycle path. A borough and a height difference of 18 cm separate the cars from the other users.

More info on the Beliris website:

Reconstruction of the Rue Charles Demeer and extension of bus 46

The aim of the reconstruction is to create a pleasant and safe connection between the Pannenhuis metro station, the Tour & Taxis train station and the entrances to the park. The City wants to improve the comfort of the many cyclists and pedestrians who cross the area every day. The parking strip opposite the metro station will be removed, allowing the footpaths to be widened considerably. In addition, separate cycle paths will be provided in ochre-coloured asphalt with a width of 1.5 metres, which will connect to the cycle path at the Demeer Bridge.

At the current crossing point at the roundabout, there will be a raised platform so that cars will be forced to reduce their speed. Next to the entrance of the metro station, bicycle stands and a Villo station will be installed.

Two bus stops will be integrated on either side of the street. The route of bus 46 with its current terminus Gilbert will be extended to the Rue Maurice De Moor and will, in the future, also serve the Pannenhuis station.

Chip shop Steve will retain its current location but will be given a new look: it will be a mirrored chip shop, like Tabora at the Pentagon (city centre). A picnic table will be installed next to the chip shop.

Timing, procedure and works

The permit application for the reconstruction was submitted to the Region in January 2021 and was declared complete in April 2022. As part of the procedure, a public inquiry and a Consultation Committee will be organised.

For two weeks, red posters will be hung in the perimeter to announce the public inquiry. Everyone then has the opportunity to consult the construction file online or at the City's Town Planning department and to respond to the plans. If you wish, you can also ask to be invited to the Consultation Committee.

At the Consultation Committee, the plans are presented and those present can ask questions or express objections. The Consultation Committee then issues an advice to which the project must conform. Once the permit has been issued, the works can begin.

Rue Charles Demeer redevelopment