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Rue Joseph Dupont redevelopment (completed)

What is it about?

Reconstruction of the Rue Joseph Dupont (Joseph Dupontstraat) and the crossing to the Egmont Park at the Rue aux Laines (Wolstraat). The street will be greened and laid out as a single-level pedestrian zone.

Rue Joseph Dupont redevelopment

What purpose?

Today, the Rue Joseph Dupont is only accessible to traffic via the Rue aux Laines. On the side of the Rue de la RĂ©gence, the street is closed off by posts with chains. The street is only accessible to local traffic.

The reconstruction changes the status of the Rue Joseph Dupont to a pedestrian street. The street will therefore be constructed at one level. In this way, the City of Brussels is creating a fast pedestrian connection between the Louise quarter and the lower part of the Sablon quarter.

A retractable bollard will be placed at the Rue aux Laines. Access will only be granted to residents, suppliers and the Great Synagogue of Brussels.

The crossing of the Rue aux Laines from the Rue Joseph Dupont to the Egmont Park will also be tackled. The width of the roadway will be narrowed in favour of wider footpaths at the pedestrian crossing to the park. Four new trees will be planted along the crossing.


To preserve the character of the street, materials were chosen that are homogeneous with the neighbourhood. At the Rue Joseph Dupont, the cobblestones will be replaced by sawn porphyry stones. Bluestone is used for the water ditch in the street.

The widened footpaths at the Rue aux Laines at the crossing to the Egmont Park will consist of bluestone.


Eight new trees of the species Liquidambar styraciflua 'Moraine' will be planted in the perimeter.

Timing, procedure and works

The permit application for the reconstruction was submitted to the Region in October 2019 and was declared complete in February 2020. As part of the procedure, a public inquiry and a Consultation Committee were organised. In October 2021, the permit was issued by the Region.

As with any redevelopment project, the utilities are first given the opportunity to renew their facilities.

The reconstruction works will start on 16 May 2022 and take 80 working days. The phases of the works will be communicated.

Rue Joseph Dupont redevelopment