Scan cars check parking of vehicles

The City of Brussels uses new technology to check compliance with its parking policy. Two electric scan cars now cross the streets of the City to check the parking violations of vehicles.

Scan cars have been proving their effectiveness in Schaerbeek for several months. Strengthened by this experience, the City of Brussels also wanted to use this new technology. From now on, two scan cars will drive through the streets of the city. In strict compliance with privacy legislation, these vehicles check the validity of the parking rights of parked cars.

Twice as many checks

The new scan cars allow twice as many daily checks as a traditional check by officials. In the coming weeks, a larger number of offenders will be summoned to comply with the parking rules. This will encourage everyone to make more rational use of their parking space. And it will make it easier for everyone to find a parking space.

Letter directly to offender

Another novelty is the replacement of the tickets on the windscreen by a letter that is sent directly to the offender. This reduces the risk of losing or disappearing of the payment invitation. Anyone who decides not to pay for his or her parking space will be notified with a letter reminding the procedure to be followed:

Created on 05/06/2019 (modified on 31/10/2019)