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Shopping campaign at Neder-Over-Heembeek

From 1 September to 30 October 2021, the Association of Traders and Self-employed of Neder-Over-Heembeek treats its customers with a voucher of 5 euros if they buy from 5 different participating traders.

This voucher can only be spent locally and thus provides a local boost to trade. The voucher can be used as a means of payment at the local merchant and is awarded to residents or visitors.

Savings card

Customers only have to show their savings card at the cash register. Five stamps from five different shops entitle you to a voucher of five euros. Filled-in savings cards are exchanged at the contact points (Bijouterie Adam, Tele-Sound, Century21 and Immotheker finotheker).

The stamps will be given until 30 September. The purchase vouchers are valid until 30 October (until stocks end). A maximum of one voucher is awarded per resident/person (domicile address) or visitor (of the market, for example).

Participating stores?

The participating shops: Ô thai, Adam Bijouterie, Au bon Coin, Pedi-center, Elsocht Peter, Hernalsteen, Imagin'elle, Immotheker ThreeFinance, KL Hair, Les Cyclades, Ph/Ap. Matton, Maylee's Bar, De Hertogh, Small is Biotiful, 't Hiembeiks Kotteer, Tele-Sound, Wi-Fix, Century 21 Best House, Rami-Fouad.

The City of Brussels supports this action as part of the economic recovery plan.

Created on 10/09/2021 (modified on 10/09/2021)