Summer events at the slopes of the Law Courts

Since 1 March 2021, parking on the slopes of the Law Courts (Palace of Justice) is no longer allowed. In this way the City and the Federal Buildings Agency restore an important connection between the upper and lower city. This summer 2021, a program of activities and entertainment will be launched to bring life to the slopes.

Parking ban

Parking on the slopes of the Law Courts (Palace of Justice) is longer allowed. For the possibilities of parking, the City not only points to the presence of the underground Poelaert parking, but also to the existence of the Pcard+, which allows you to use the services of Interparking at a discounted rate.

Green pedestrian promenade

The City is now investigating how the entire zone of the slopes can be greened and what urban furniture (benches, lighting,...) is needed to make the zone an even more pleasant public space. The slopes form an important connection between the upper and the lower city and have the potential to evolve into a pleasant, green pedestrian promenade, in the shadow of the Law Courts. The residents of the Marolles will be closely involved in this process.

Summer program 2021

In order to give new life to this space, the City of Brussels has launched a call for projects for an amount of 50,000 euros for activities that will take place this summer. The jury selected 5 projects, including greening, street furniture and activities for young and old:

  • Collective Dallas: The Hanging Gardens of the Marolles, a greening project.
  • De Vrienden van het Huizeke: Book of Brussels, a book on a human scale with pages corresponding to functions that the district can itself choose. The Book will also offer a Wifi hotspot.
  • Foyer des Jeunes des Marolles: Marolles Plage, the creation of a beach and the installation of a bicycle workshop.
  • First Urban Tractor: Pas-laid, creation of a high-quality outdoor space (a collective painting project and furniture adapted to the slopes).
  • AMO routes: Ascent of the Pic des Marolles, a climbing wall on the slopes.
Created on 04/02/2021 (modified on 30/06/2021)