Social help during the Covid-19 crisis?

The Public Welfare Centre (CPAS-OCMW) of the City of Brussels can provide material, social, medical or psychological assistance to people who can no longer pay for their daily expenses due to the coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis.

This support is not only accessible to people entitled to a living wage. It is also intended for everyone who experiences the consequences of the Covid-19 crisis on the territory of the City of Brussels (Laeken, Neder-Over-Heembeek and Haren included). This assistance will be provided to persons in need after an individual analysis.

What help?

  • assistance with housing
  • energy assistance
  • psychosocial assistance
  • health assistance
  • help with digital accessibility
  • financial help
  • basic needs
  • help for families in difficulty

More info

Created on 24/08/2020 (modified on 12/02/2021)