International Solidarity call for projects 2023

In 2023, the City of Brussels will again support initiatives led by local associations within International Solidarity. The forms for obtaining grants are only available in Dutch and French.

If an association wishes to organise an activity of raising awareness or a project abroad, it can seek a subsidy. The association has to read the regulation for the subsidy and complete the form.

Amount of the grant

Total budget: 150,000 euros

The maximum amount of the grant:

  • 8,000 euros for development projects abroad
  • 4,000 euros for information, awareness and educational projects

Regulation and forms

The regulation and forms are only available in Dutch and French.

The completed form has to be sent back, by 2 April 2023 at the latest (by mail).

Created on 14/02/2023 (modified on 27/02/2023)