Street trading or trade events - suggestions and complaints

This service is available for:

  • Local residents, to report any nuisance linked to street trading or trade events
  • Shopkeepers, to suggest new locations or events that might benefit the neighbourhood


For traders:

  • Be in possession of:
    • an employer's street trader card
    • in the case of a natural person: surname, first name, national ID number and address
    • in the case of a legal person: the company name, the company registration number and the address of the registered office
    • the place and day chosen by the applicant to carry out their activity
    • the products the candidate wishes to sell, among those listed in Annex 2 of the municipal regulations relating to the exercise and organisation of street trading activities in the public domain of the City of Brussels
    • the type of equipment used
    • the registration number, dimensions and a photograph of any vehicle used
    • the minimum desired surface area (length x width) of the pitch
  • Other conditions: see regulations.

How to apply?

By appointment by phone: