'Sweet dreams' campaign: raising awareness of peace and quiet in party districts

The 'Sweet dreams' awareness campaign aims to make partygoers aware of the need for peace and quiet in the neighbourhood. This campaign was developed by the Bravvo Public Peace Service, in consultation with local residents and nightlife venues, and carried out in partnership with Bruxelles Environnement.

Raising awareness in the party districts

In the party districts, such as Saint-Géry and Saint-Jacques, the party naturally extends to the terraces. It was therefore necessary to raise awareness about local residents, who want more peace and quiet. Posters will be put up in the nightclubs and the staff will wear T-shirts with the message 'Merci aux voisins!' (Thanks from the neighbours).

A song with Emma and Willy

Partygoers who are too noisy in the evening may also be approached by Emma and Willy. This duo, dressed in pyjamas, can't seem to catch their sleep and therefore invite loud partygoers to sing a song together and as quietly as possible, to get a good night's sleep. From mid-June to mid-July, Emma and Willy will also stroll through the streets of the city centre.

'Sweet dreams' campaign

Created on 24/05/2022 (modified on 08/07/2022)