Take part in the pedestrian barometer!

Several pedestrian associations are launching a pedestrian barometer in all Belgian municipalities, with support of the Federal Public Mobility Service. Through this survey, the associations want to know how easy, safe and pleasant it is to get around on foot in your municipality.

The Walk platform is in charge of monitoring and processing the survey for the 19 municipalities of Brussels, including the City of Brussels. The questionnaire will be available online from 24 April to 30 June 2023:

The survey aims to analyse the following indicators:

  • Habits of residents and their general feelings about daily walking
  • Coexistence between different users
  • Pedestrian network
  • Safety of travelling on foot
  • Comfort of travelling on foot
  • Importance cities and municipalities attach to walking
  • Specific facilities and services for pedestrians
Created on 24/04/2023 (modified on 24/04/2023)
Take part in the pedestrian barometer!