Theatre. 'Gruis/aan de twijfel'

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From 31 May to 1 June 2023 at the KVS.

In search of radical insanity, the creators of Werktoneel hurtle through the oeuvre of the Dutch author Willem Frederik Hermans.

In the nihilistic universe of the author Willem Frederik Hermans, reality is a barely fathomable chaos. Nevertheless, the characters who populate this universe are plagued by the desire to lend meaning to the banality of their daily lives. Lonely figures plough their way through impossible tasks and risk losing themselves in meaningless details.

Gruis/aan de twijfel forms a backdrop for those who no longer experience reality as normal, thus serving as an antidote to reason for those who have lost their senses and embraced paranoia.

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Theatre. 'Gruis/aan de twijfel'
© Michiel Devijver