Timeline - Good Move Pentagon

February - August 2021: diagnosis phase (how to make the Pentagon more pleasant, more accessible,…?

From February 2021: determining the evaluation criteria (how to evaluate the circulation plan?)

  • Consultation round with residents, traders and visitors of the Pentagon to reflect on the evaluation of the impact of the new circulation plan

September 2021 - September 2022: determining circulation measures (where to change traffic direction?)

  • September 2021: presentation of the measures
  • March 2022: neighborhood meetings to inform residents, traders and visitors of the Pentagon about the new circulation measures in their neighbourhood
  • Between 1 March and 30 June 2022, 23 neighbourhood meetings were organised with residents and traders of the Pentagon

16 August 2022: introduction of the new circulation schedule in the Pentagon

From September 2022: evaluation of the new circulation plan (how do residents of Brussels experience the new circulation plan? What is going well and what could be improved?)