Rue Le Titien and Rue Bordiau yard

Works will start at the Rue Bordiau from 21 November 2022, in continuation of those completed at the Rue Le Titien.

More info on the works: Rue Bordiau (PDF, 507.96 KB) (repair of pavements)

  • Securing sidewalk at intersections with rue des Patriotes, rue de l'Etendard, rue Franklin, rue Le Tintoret, rue de Beffroi and rue des Confédérés
  • Asphalting the intersection with the Rue Charles Quint and marking pedestrian crossings
  • More greenery in the street
  • Placement of additional bike racks
  • Identical sidewalk repairs (with platines) to improve pedestrian safety

More info about the reconstruction:

Created on 10/04/2022 (modified on 10/11/2022)