Rue Le Titien and Rue Bordiau yard

Works will start at the Rue Le Titien (from Tuesday 26 April) and the Rue Bordiau from the end of April 2022.

  • Securing sidewalk at intersections with rue des Patriotes, rue de l'Etendard, rue Franklin, rue Le Tintoret, rue de Beffroi and rue des Confédérés
  • Asphalting the intersection with the Rue Charles Quint and marking pedestrian crossings
  • More greenery in the street
  • Placement of additional bike racks
  • Identical sidewalk repairs (with platines) to improve pedestrian safety

Suggested variants for the piece between the Rue des Confédérés and Rue des Patriotes (PDF, 2.29 MB):

  • Option 1-2: unilateral parking while maintaining the two-way traffic (or one-way traffic with a marked cycle path in the opposite direction)
  • Option 3: one-way street with one-sided parking and protruding footpath
  • Option 4: one-way traffic with alternating parking and road narrowing at the intersection with the Rue Tocsin
  • Option 5: one-way traffic with two-sided parking like the existing profile in the second part of the street
  • Option 6: one-way traffic with two-sided parking and a road narrowing in several parts on the section between the Rue Tocsin and Rue des Confédérés

Give your opinion on 19 April 2022, in the quarter, or via e-mail:

Phases at the Rue Le Titien (total duration 8 to 10 weeks):

  • Phase 1: part Rue Franklin - Rue Le Tintoret
  • Phase 2: part Rue Le Tintoret - Avenue de Cortenbergh
  • Phase 3: part Rue des Patriotes - Rue Franklin

More info about the reconstruction:

Created on 10/04/2022 (modified on 28/06/2022)