Tivoli school quarter

The Tivoli quarter has no less than 8 schools and 4 crèches. This means that every school day, a lot of children move to the school gate and back home. In line with the ambitions of the School Streets project, the City wants to make the Tivoli quarter safer and healthier for the many school children, and therefore also for its residents and visitors.

The City, together with the design office, worked out various measures and interventions to make the Tivoli quarter a low-traffic school quarter in a new circulation schedule. These measures should limit transit traffic in the neighborhood and ensure that motorists comply with the speed rules. In addition, with the changed circulation, it wants to encourage parents and children to come to school in an active way.

These measures and interventions are fourfold:

  • Change of some driving directions in the quarter, to interrupt transit axes
  • Zone with limited access at the Rue de Molenbeek and part of the Rue de Zandbergen, based on a traffic filter and retractable bollard. Access is guaranteed for residents, traders, emergency services, garage owners,...
  • Traffic filter at the Rue A. De Jongh and Rue Claessens, to interrupt transit axes and create extra public space
  • Accompanying measures at the Rue Drootbeek, to discourage transit traffic and limit the speed of car traffic, and the redesign of the school entrance to make it safer

The proposal for the changed circulation was presented to about 80 local residents, traders and schools on 10 November 2021 at a neighborhood meeting. At smaller discussion tables, the City listened to their feedback and discussed how it could implement the measures in practice.

Respond to the new circulation schedule?

The City invites all schools, interested residents, traders, organizations from the neighborhood to share their reaction to the new circulation schedule for a low-traffic Tivoli school quarter. You can do so until 15 February 2022 via:

More info:

Tivoli neighborhood meeting

Tivoli neighborhood meeting