Travelling abroad? Think about your travel documents!

For (Belgian) citizens going on holiday abroad: remember that you must have valid travel documents for the destination country. Therefore request them in good time, because urgent or very urgent applications are a lot more expensive.


Most countries outside the European Union require a valid passport. If you are travelling within the European Union, a valid identity card will suffice.


Depending on the country of destination, a Kids-ID (younger than 12 years) or a passport is also compulsory for children.

International driving licence

If you plan to travel by car to a country outside the EU, check whether your Belgian driving licence is sufficient there. If not, apply for an international driving licence. You will receive this at the counter for 30 euros.

Making an appointment

You can make an appointment for all these procedures online or by calling 02 279 22 11.

Created on 02/05/2024 (modified on 02/05/2024)


Travelling abroad? Think about your travel documents!