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Urban blocks research for Laeken

The City of Brussels, together with the 'Bouwmeester - Maître Architecte', is launching an urban design study on the urban blocks in Laeken. The study must map the existing situation and help the City to better assess and steer future housing densification projects.

What is an urban block?

If you look at the city from the air, you can see that 'building blocks' emerge between the streets: a set of houses, with gardens or storage areas that meet on the back. The inside of a building block is called the 'urban block' (intérieur d'lôt).

Why a study?

The City of Brussels wants to better assess and direct future permits that are submitted for development projects in the urban blocks of Laeken:

  • ensure sufficient accessible green space and permeable outdoor space
  • find a balance between privacy and social connection and mixed functions

The aim of the study is to develop a methodology that clarifies what is desirable for which type of urban block.

Call for architect-urbanists

For this strategic assignment, the City of Brussels is looking for a team of architect-urbanists (call till 25 May 2020). The assignment comprises the following phases:

  • Phase 1: development of a shared knowledge about the inner areas of the Laeken urban blocks and a vision on their future development
  • Phase 2: development of urban planning tools for the development of these inner areas
  • Phase 3: drawing up a communication document that summarizes the knowledge, vision and planning tools developed in a didactic manner

More info:

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Urban blocks research for Laeken
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