Urban forest, participatory plantation

What is it about?

Since 2013, the City of Brussels organizes a participatory plantation annually. The city residents are then invited to participate in the planting of a new segment of a city forest. The City of Brussels is busy planting a vast and densely populated forest in Neder-Over-Heembeek which will eventually reach 40 hectares. The plantations are aimed at safeguarding and increasing biodiversity in Brussels.

What purpose?

A city forest makes it possible for urban residents to live, walk and rest in nature. In addition, the forest will also serve as a sound wall and natural air filter for the nearby motorway. The biodiversity is ensured by the presence of an orchard, wild fauna, a marshland and indigenous tree species. The city forest is therefore the venue for a new kind of cooperation between science, civil society and government.

Urban forest, participatory plantation