Van Praet zone

What is it about?

The surroundings of the Avenues Van Praet, Croix du Feu and Croix de Guerre and the Chaussée de Vilvorde will soon offer the inhabitants of Neder-Over-Heembeek a connection with the canal and the industrial zone. The project also includes a new secondary school, a nursery, housing and 5 ha of green space.

What purpose?

The project goes together with the project of the tram for Neder-Over-Heembeek, the redevelopment of the intersection of the Avenue des Croix du Feu and the Chaussée de Vilvorde and the redevelopment of the quays up to the Brussels Royal Yacht Club (BRYC). All this with the ambition to also create extra green space.

Thanks to these changes, the quality of life in the area will greatly improve and a new, pleasant, sustainable and lively neighborhood can emerge at this pivot point. The new quarter will thus give a new face to the canal and the rest of the city.

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Bûûmplanters project

The neighbourhood park in the heart of the future district on the Van Praet site will be temporarily activated during 3 years by the Bûûmplanters project.

On the Van Praet site they propose the Bûûmparck Van Praet project, a project focused on greening and the recuperation of materials (recuperated material from nearby building sites and collected rainwater). Thus, they provide:

  • a zone for the participatory production of plants for the surrounding plots and neighbourhoods
  • an area for meeting, participation and recreation with the necessary basic accommodation for this (water tank, storage container, sanitary facilities,...)
  • an ecological zone where wet and humid nature is given priority

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Van Praet zone