Winners of the Heyvaert-Poincaré URC project call

Within the Heyvaert-Poincaré Urban Renewal Contract (URC), the City of Brussels and the municipalities of Anderlecht and Molenbeek jointly launched a project call to strengthen solidarity, mutual aid and social ties in the neighborhoods around the Porte de Ninove (Ninoofsepoort). Thanks to this call, 7 projects now get started with a budget of between 500 and 10,000 euros.

The non-profit organizations Bravvo and Convivence work together with the local residents on, for example, the installation of specific urban furniture, a vegetable garden, a collective compost site and plantations and the organization of youth entertainment,...

Project by Bruxelles Enseignement.

Cooking workshops for students of the Institut des Arts et Métiers (IAM) on the theme 'How to take care of yourself and others'.

A book exchange cabinet and a board on which local residents and associations can post messages.

Young people make prototypes of horses with recuperation material in public space, under the supervision of artists. With the creations a choreography is organized that travels from the Abattoirs to the Porte de Ninove, passing by the Parc de la Rosée and the Porte d'Anderlecht.

Encourage local residents to use the bicycle.

A range of activities at different places in the quarter: world cuisine workshop, ceramics workshop, sports events, concerts,...

Artistic scenography for young people, under supervision, to create installations that serve as new places to share experiences.

Created on 02/03/2021 (modified on 02/03/2021)