Women's Rights Week 2019 call for projects

The City of Brussels launches a call for projects for the organization of activities between 8 and 15 March 2019 on the occasion of the International Women's Day. Proposals can be submitted until 5 November 2018.

During the last four years, the City of Brussels organized a Women's Rights Week on the occasion of the International Day of Women's Rights. This event has the ambition to raise awareness, combat persistent inequalities against women and facilitate meetings between citizens who propose progress on equality.

Theme of 2019

The City will repeat this event from Friday 8 to Friday 15 March 2019. The program will revolve around the phenomenon of 'objectification of (the body of) women' and all its consequences: social stereotypical constructions, representation of women in the media, pornography, prostitution,... An intersectional point of view is possible as well.

Which projects?

The City therefore invites organizations to participate by organizing one or more project (s) of their choice. These projects can take the form of:

  • conferences
  • film screenings
  • theatre performances
  • workshops
  • exhibitions
  • ...

How to submit a project?

Send the following information by email to the Equal Opportunities Unit of the City of Brussels ( egalitedeschances@brucity.be), before 5 November 2018:

  • a general description of the project and the means for attracting a public
  • a budget proposal
  • the location(s) for the activity or activities

Associations that want to carry out a project in 2019 that is not related to the theme of the Women's Rights Week 2019 can still apply for a grant in the context of the annual call for projects. This call will take place between 15 January and 15 March 2019.

More info?

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Created on 13/09/2018 (modified on 13/09/2018)