Your garage as a bicycle shed?

Do you own an unused parking space such as a garage box and do you want to make this free space available as a bicycle shed? The Cycloparking platform indicates this free space on a map, stating the number of available places, the address and the rental price.

Cycloparking acts as an intermediary between the owners and the cyclists. The owner, who can determine the price himself, remains responsible for the management of the shed.

A good and safe bicycle storage?

What requirements should a good and safe bicycle parking space meet?

  • the access must be secured with a lock (with classic key, badge,...) and only authorized persons are given a key
  • the users of the bicycle parking may not have access to other private spaces in the same building
  • the parking space must be easily accessible from the street (sufficiently wide door, avoid stairs,...)
  • sufficient fixed attachment points must also be available so that the bicycle can be secured with a lock

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Created on 11/03/2020 (modified on 11/03/2020)