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Zero waste tours in Brussels

Four zero waste tours in Brussels (at the De Wand, Sainte-Catherine, European and Peter Benoit quarters) help citizens to reduce their waste.

These tours include the various shops, restaurants and initiatives that follow the ecological trend of 'zero waste'. Each tour starts from the markets: de Wand, Place Peter Benoit, Square Marguerite and Direction 0 Waste & Organic market of the Place Sainte-Catherine. From the smallest gesture to the most committed collective, you are sure to find what you are looking for:

  • Shops or restaurants where your own packaging is welcome
  • Organic shops and restaurants
  • Second-hand shops
  • Ecological products
  • Bicycle and computer repair, tailors, shoemakers,...
  • Libraries, vegetable gardens, compost or collective gardens,...

Maps of the zero waste tours

Below you will find the tours and an interactive map with all the shops that are part of the different routes:

Created on 22/12/2020 (modified on 23/11/2021)