5 tips for a zero waste Christmas time

Why not prevent the waste of wrapping paper this year for your Christmas gifts? Try another fun and creative way of packaging and make the surprise all the greater. These 5 tips guide you through a zero waste Christmas time.

1. Tote and handmade bags

There is something for everyone, in all colors and tastes: fabric bags are now available in many stores. They can be offered with the gift, which provides that little extra.

Another good idea: make your own gift-wrapping paper with nicely selected fabrics or scraps, which could be used again. Need help? There are certainly workshops for making bags in your area.

2. Furoshiki

Furoshiki is a Japanese art form. Take a square piece of fabric and fold it in countless ways into a gift box, bag, bottle holder... For example, use a scarf that you still have in the cupboard or a specially selected piece of textile.

You can then unpack the gift for the one who receives it. That makes for an even bigger surprise because we are not used to packaging like that. You can of course choose to offer or keep the furoshiki.

3. Boxes and jars

You can buy a beautiful wooden box that can be reused, or a beautiful iron box that serves as a second storage or decorative gift.

And 'recovery' is also a must: use boxes (of cake, chocolates or shoes), pots and glass jars in all shapes and sizes. A raffia ribbon, a lick of paint or a beautiful label immediately give the gift a personal touch.

4. Recycled paper or fabric

Newspapers, posters, magazines, drawings, old cards or comics that are too damaged... will always be original! It will not be zero waste, but it will be reused.

A pillowcase that no longer pleases, a pillowcase with flowers that remains in the cupboard, a sheet that awaits a second life, a T-shirt with worn edges,...: with some cutting, buttons and embellishments, a surprise effect will be guaranteed!

5. Bags or socks under the chimney

A large bag, a (decorated) box, a wooden box,... You can put all the gifts in it, and take them out one by one by hand or empty everything in one time.

Small gifts can be put in a sock, specially for the occasion or quickly removed from the wardrobe for people who were less forward-looking.

Created on 10/12/2019 (modified on 18/11/2022)


    5 tips for a zero waste Christmas time