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Arts in the City

The Comité d'Art Urbain gives advice on the acquisition, installation and restoration of urban art on the territory of the City of Brussels.

The City of Brussels pays special attention to the comic book. Since 1991, it pays tribute to characters and authors of the Franco-Belgian comics on the walls in the Pentagon (city centre) and Laeken. A true discovery as you stroll through the streets of Brussels! Owner of a wall? Send an email to

The City of Brussels supports street art. To create a street art trail, it makes a list of existing works and launches new ones through contracts or project calls. Owner of a wall or an artist? Please write to:

The M.U.R. project (modular, urban and reactive) is supported by the City within the framework of the Street Art Trail. It concerns a panel of 9 by 3 meters, on which street artists are allowed to create street art:

The free expression walls are spaces dedicated to creation, addressed to people for expressing themselves legally and in particular to graffiti and street art artists. Since 2015, the Open Wall offers a wall for free expression of 60 m2 on the Mont des Arts.

On 8 November 2021, the Culture Service will organize an audition for street artists:

Every street artist has to obtain an authorization before starting his activities (street performance or busking) on the territory of the City of Brussels.

Each person (older than 18 years) who practises a public artistic activity in music, performing arts, plastic arts or circus. To exercise this activity on the public place, strict rules are to be respected.


The street artist, before starting his activities, has to introduce a demand of authorization by means of a form delivered by the Culture Service. To receive its authorization, the applicant will have to answer one of the following conditions:

  • Be the owner of an artistic diploma
  • Have received a positive report of an artistic jury, which meets at least twice a year


The regulation and request forms:

The request form is also available on simple demand at: