Peter Pan statue regains panflute

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Peter Pan

The statue of Peter Pan at the Egmont Park has been restored. Since Wednesday 2 June 2010 it is in the park again, along with the also restored statue of the Prince de Ligne.

The statue of Peter Pan is in the Egmont Park since 1924. It is a symbol of friendship between English and Belgian children during the First World War. The statue is a bronze copy of the original statue in Kensington Garden (The little boy who never grew up, 1912). Sir George Frampton made the copy and offered it to the City of Brussels. Since 1974, Peter Pan is classified as a monument.

Restoration Peter Pan

Over the years, however, the statue has been damaged: the panpipe of Peter Pan was gone, and three rabbits lost their ears. The statue also showed signs of rifle bullets from World War II. A repair was imperative. The statue was restored, cleaned and given a new pedestal. The new pieces were reproduced based on existing illustrations and models from Liverpool.

Repair Prince de Ligne

The statue of the Prince de Ligne was restored as well. That statue was classified, like Peter Pan, in 1974. The work of Jean Cluysenaar was inaugurated in 1935 to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the birthday of the Prince de Ligne. The sculpture retained its look during the restoration, received a thorough cleaning and a new identity tag. The bullet holes from World War II were removed.

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